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Project work is about partnerships, across many sectors, working together and breaking new ground, pioneering new ideas. We love projects, they excite us. CARNIVAL can:

  • Provide healthy living activities and help combat obesity
  • Celebrate pride of place
  • Engage people in new and innovative informal and accredited learning
  • Create intergenerational and family learning opportunities
  • Promote arts and disability practice
  • Address mental and public health needs
  • Explore history, culture and the natural environment
  • Reach out to communities and individuals that do not engage with mainstream arts
  • Increase personal and community confidence and esteem
  • Break down barriers and divisions between communities
  • Be a fun and accessible way of appreciating and enjoying the arts.

Carnival embraces a wide range of art forms and creative activities, offering diverse roles, progressions and outcomes for all people at all levels. Carnival has the power to engage and involve individuals and communities in high quality arts activity.

Past examples of our project work includes:

Pan Park Safari’, commissioned by Spectrum Housing Association. An outdoor celebration and community education project in a newly designated Country Park on Isle of Wight. Aims: to raise awareness of biodiversity, promote healthier lifestyles, generate sense of place and well-being, community ownership and engagement of residents from nearby Housing Development.

“Just wanted to say thanks for such an excellent Pan Park Safari – it was such a brilliant and unusual event and really did the job!  I spoke to loads of young mums and dads from Pan Estate who’d walked there and who had no idea until the day that it was on their doorstep – plus it all really did put the park and wildlife in the starring role! Fantastic to see the kids all picking up slow-worms and tadpoles – I can’t believe how lucky we were!” Claire Hector

‘Flame’, commissioned by Girl Guiding Association. Creation of a Samba-style carnival parade with 500 young people and leaders over 5 days for the grand finale of International Guiding Camp. New Forest.  Aims: to engage international visitors in a high quality, fun and memorable arts activity which contributed to sense of achievement, cooperation and celebration. To train guide leaders in transferable carnival skills which they could take back to their groups to contribute to future local events where they live.

“I cannot thank you all enough for everything you contributed to the success of Flame 2016. The guides had such fun in the carnival tent. They and the leaders learnt new skills, the costumes looked fantastic and the overall effect in the final carnival parade was spectacular.” Janet Parker

Further ‘live’ projects are listed on these pages.

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