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About Us

The New Carnival Company is a Community Interest Company (CIC), limited by guarantee, a not-for-profit organisation created for ‘the promotion of activity for community benefit and not purely for private advantage’.  

We formed in 2011 to promote and diversify the nationally acclaimed carnival arts engagement and learning programmes emanating from the Isle of Wight.  As former local authority arts development officers and community learning managers we have over 25 years’ experience of working together in this very specialist field.  We bring passion, enthusiasm, energy and commitment to The New Carnival Company, as well as a broad and in-depth understanding of the carnival sector both nationally and globally.

With over 15 summer and 6 winter parades every year, the Isle of Wight boasts the highest number of carnivals per head of population in the UK. It also claims the oldest carnival tradition in England and today successfully blends a unique style of traditional English carnival with modern carnival influences from around the world.

The New Carnival Company kick-starts the Island carnival season with The Isle of Wight Mardi Gras, held annually the last Saturday in June, a best practice example of carnival in education, engaging over 30 schools and community groups from across the Island in learning, making and performing.

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