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Quality Assurance Policy Statement

The New Carnival Company
Quality Assurance Policy Statement

The New Carnival Company is committed to meeting the needs of all its staff, service users and stakeholders by providing excellence in teaching, learning, participation opportunities and enjoyment of a diverse range of celebratory arts, carnival arts and associated events and activities.

In order to do this it is our policy to:

  1. Improve the quality of our service by always monitoring, reviewing and continuously improving the way we deliver programmes.
  2. Set, monitor and develop standards and targets for all areas of activity, benchmarked where possible.
  3. Provide a variety of means for our service users, participants, clients and stakeholders to express their views and have them taken into account.
  4. Be responsive and accountable to our many stakeholders including individual learners, local communities, commissioning bodies and government agencies.
  5. Develop a company culture which is self-critical, honest and transparent.
  6. Establish and maintain Quality Assurance systems and procedures that enable us to evaluate our strengths and weaknesses and respond to improvement needs effectively.
  7. Ensure that staff, board members and associates are able to respond to the challenges of self assessment, targets and continuous improvements by investing in developing their skills through training programmes.
  8. Promote a culture of learning, innovation and knowledge sharing that recognises the value of team /collaborative inputs and strives toward excellence.

Implementation and review

The Executive Director is ultimately responsible for Quality but all staff and associates are required to read the policy and are encouraged to be responsible for the quality of the service within their direct remit.


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