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Environmental Policy

Environmental ambition

 The New Carnival Company CIC will put environmental and social sustainability at the heart of our decision making and arts development activities. Through these processes we aim to become a best practice example of how a Carnival Arts organisation can successfully reduce the negative environmental impacts of our office management, arts participation and events programmes.

 Our business and its effect on the environment

Established in 2011 The New Carnival Company deliver an all year round programme of participatory carnival arts activities directly linked to our events programme. The organisation is based within a shared building in Ryde that offers office, studio and community workshop functions.

We understand that the running of our business has environmental implications and this policy commits us to reducing the negative environmental impacts of our activities, in particular those relating to:

  • Our office: energy use, water use and waste
  • Our communications systems: use of paper and inks, travel to meetings, ICT systems
  • Our arts participation activity: energy use, transport and travel, use of craft materials and waste
  • Our events: energy use, food and drink, transport and travel, carbon emissions and waste
  • The goods and services we procure: office stationary, craft materials, electronic equipment, subcontractors

We commit to measuring the impact of what we do and how this affects the environment in which we live and work. From this understanding we will set clear objectives in order reduce the damage we cause to the environment through the production of greenhouse gasses, sending waste to landfill and sourcing unethical or non-reusable equipment and materials.


The policy is supported by an Environmental Action Plan. The action plan is informed and supported by our environmental monitoring and measurement as well as feedback from our audiences and partners.


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