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Health and Safety Policy

The New Carnival Company CIC recognises it has a duty, in the conduct of its business operations, to ensure a safe environment for its employees and all those individuals and organisations it works with.

An effective health and safety policy requires the full involvement of the Board of Directors, all employees and everyone the company engages or involves with: everybody is asked to read this policy and to accept their own personal responsibility for health and safety provision.

Overall and final responsibility for health and safety rests with the Executive Director. This includes ensuring the policy is put into practice and maintained on a day to day basis.

Health and Safety Policy

 To provide and maintain a safe and healthy working environment at all times

  • To risk assess all activity and to ensure that all mitigating actions are undertaken in good time. Risk assessments are to be retained on file for at least two years
  • To provide and maintain safe equipment and tools
  • To provide information, induction, training and supervision to all employees and participants at all times
  • To ensure that all employees and participants are competent in the activities they are engaged in
  • To ensure all materials used have been assessed for risks and to carry our COSHH assessment where required
  • To investigate any accidents and to ensure that activity is changed or amended to reduce the risk of further accidents

It is the responsibility of the Board of Directors, all employees and participants to take reasonable care for the health and safety of themselves, their fellow co-workers and all those engaging with the Company and to report any hazards or risks to the Executive Director immediately.


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