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Diversity and Equalities Statement

The New Carnival Company is committed to a policy of diversity and equal opportunities in the provision of its services to staff, service users and stakeholders. The aim of its policy is to recognise the individual needs of people and ensure equal treatment to all, regardless of:

  • Age.
  • Disability.
  • Colour, ethnic origin, nationality, national origin or race.
  • Gender.
  • Sexual orientation.
  • Religion or belief.
  • Marital status.
  • Responsibility of dependants and carers.

This statement is endorsed by the Board, all employees and associates of The New Carnival Company. Responsibility for its effective implementation, management, monitoring and review rests with the Executive Director.

Implementation and Review

1. The New Carnival Company Board, Employees and Associates will: –

  • Ensure that colleagues and associates are treated as individuals and receive fair treatment.
  • Maintain a working and creative and learning environment free from sexual and racial harassment and intimidation.
  • Ensure that all our work reflects our commitment to diversity.
  • Effectively monitor our compliance with this policy, reviewing it on an annual basis and, where appropriate, set goals for improvement.
  • Ensure all associates understand this policy and their responsibility to comply with it. Any breach of this policy will be fully investigated and remedial action will be taken if appropriate.
  • Employees and anyone the company engages or involves with should report complaints of alleged harassment or discrimination to the Chair of the Board or the Executive Director.

2. The New Carnival Company’s work with individuals, stakeholders and the community:
All activities undertaken by The New Carnival Company will be consistent with it policy for Diversity and Equalities. To meet this aim the New Carnival Company will: –

  • Make existing and potential stakeholders aware of the Company’s Diversity and Equalities Policy.
  • Ensure that the approach and methodology in undertaking all work is consistent with our approach to diversity and does not directly or indirectly discriminate any individual or group.
  • Where appropriate, support individuals and organisations we work with to develop activities and practices that are accessible to disadvantaged people.
  • Through our work seek to gain parity for disadvantaged individuals and groups.

The NCC: D&E Policy, version 5 reviewed 05/09/2016.
Next review September 2017 and annually thereafter.

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