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Dark Nights

The New Carnival Company produces an annual outdoor winter spectacle with processions, performance and lots of participation. It celebrates the passing of the seasons, the Equinox, the coming of winter and of ‘dark nights’.

Initially piloted in Totland, West Wight 2013, then produced in Shanklin for 2014 and after that at Newchurch, Isle of Wight, the Dark Nights project keeps growing. In 2017 and 2018 it moved to the Garlic Farm and ran for two consecutive nights each year, with themes around heritage landscape, archaeology and local dialect. In 2019 it went to Brading Roman Villa.  Dark Nights is supported by the East Wight Landscape Partnership project – Down to the Coast.

The Dark Nights events showcase a variety of work produced locally, by young people and families, by community groups and adult volunteers and by professional artists.

Digital soundscapes, installations and animations occur along a thematic pedestrian route, audiences bring their own lanterns to light their way, made at home or at school. It is a spellbinding experience.

Don’t miss Dark Nights 2020 at the Garlic Farm in Newchurch, for more information click here: – Once in a Blue Moon! 

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