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Themes and Sections


For Mardi Gras 2018 we are presenting the theme Global Biospheres.

The theme is a collaboration with Isle of Wight Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) who are presently leading on a bid for the Island to become the third English UNESCO designated Biosphere Reserve by 2020. Biosphere Reserves are places where innovative ideas for sustainable development are tested and implemented. Their aim is to ‘reduce loss of biodiversity, improve the livelihoods of local people and enhance social, economic and cultural conditions for environmental sustainability’. There are currently 669 UNESCO Biosphere Reserves around the world in 120 countries.

For our parade narrative we are investigating what makes a successful Biosphere Reserve and how can local people pay an active part in caring for, and benefiting from, their local environment. We have chosen a range of examples from around the world to inspire costume and choreography including Biosphere Reserves in Japan, Indonesia, Peru, Brazil, Germany and the Isle of Man. The theme has three parts, Unique Places, Culture and Communities, Sustainable Futures.

You can view the full narrative and sections of the parade by clicking below.


The 2018 theme is a precursor for the following year’s Mardi Gras (June 29 2019) which will focus completely on the idea of the Isle of Wight as a Biosphere Reserve.

The New Carnival Company will be working with a range of other partners in the delivery of the Mardi Gras’ underpinning education programme. This will include The Isle of Wight Music Hub with Platform One, soca artists Scrappy and Jo Money in the production of our 2018 Global Biospheres Anthem, with Ray Mahabir, Sunshine Arts London in the production of new Individual pieces for the parade and with Embaixadores da Alegria samba school from Rio, in a collaboration with VIVA integrated Carnival Club for a new ALEGRIA showcase production ‘Mata Atlantica Biosphere Reserve’ which has been supported by Unlimited.

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