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Themes and Sections

Yes the Mardi Gras is back on the streets again this year! The theme is OUR WORLD OUR FUTURE, the narrative/ storyboard devised by young people and inspired by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and our special status as a UNESCO Isle of Wight Biosphere Reserve.

We have divided the narrative into 4 sections – People, Planet, Places and Peace. Each section contains between 4 and 7 topics related to that theme. We have used ideas from young people around climate change, sustainable development, saving the planet, reducing waste, protecting nature and wildlife, eliminating poverty and sharing the worlds wealth.

For detailed information about the topics for repesentation and the support you can expect from the NCC in running your schools or community carnival club, please contact us directly. We have a Teachers Pack, plently of workshops and classes you can take part in, live or online, plus one to one support for designing and prototyping your costumes.

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