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The team at The New Carnival Company is committed to the role that learning plays in our lives and our wellbeing. From the classroom to the street, for adults, young people and children alike, learning new skills increases our self-esteem, builds confidence, friendships and opportunities and helps us express ourselves in new and meaningful ways.

We try whenever possible to focus our learning programmes on events or sharing opportunities. This provides increased

  • motivation; a goal to work towards.
  • collaboration and team work; promotes a sense of belonging and being part of something much bigger and more significant than its individual parts.
  • pride and self-respect; playing a part in a prestigious high quality event builds confidence and self-value.
  • achievement; an opportunity to evaluate and reflect on ones work and see own work valued by others.
  • celebration; recognition of success embeds ambition to learn more.

Many of our current learning programmes, informal and accredited, link directly with The NCC events like Midsummer Mardi Gras, The Kite Festival and Big Bug Day

We are currently working towards establishing a National Carnival Learning Hub where best practice is shared, standardisation of quality and outcome is assured and partners can establish a database of teaching and learning resources for educationalists and carnival learners everywhere.


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